The relationship between journalism and public relations.

Task: Discuss the relationship between public relations and journalism, and how that relationship is changing due to the demise of journalism.

When I chose to change to my major to Journalism, I chose to pick a minor that I thought went somewhat hand-in-hand with it. What did I choose? Public Relations.  After reading Chapter 1 in the book and talking about it in class, I see that I was somewhat misled, but
that seems to happen to me quite frequently. And considering that my major is journalism, I’m not a huge fan of saying “the demise of journalism” so I will say decline. Beyond popular belief, you will have journalists, just maybe not as many. End of story.

It’s not that the two are from complete opposite sides of the spectrum, but the two don’t exactly go hand-in-hand either. As a journalist and a public relations practitioner, both
interview people, gather large amounts of information, write in the same journalistic style, and are trained to produce good copy by a set deadline (Think 12). They both do the same kind of work in some situations and sometimes a public relations practitioner may use a professional journalist to help get a certain company or story to the masses.

Over the last couple of years, the stretch between journalism and public relations has gotten a little farther apart. “The relationship between the two sides is ‘becoming…more
distant’ as technology replaces face-to-face meetings. Fewer journalists are going into public relations- and the fact that fewer PR people are going into journalism- has
helped widen the relationship gap” (Heyman). I don’t fully agree with Heyman’s perspective of the relationship growing more and more distant. It’s getting a little distant, yes, but I don’t feel it’s getting as distant as she’s putting out there. Journalists tend to
like to get to the internal PR team at big businesses to help give them the upper hand when it comes to getting news out and PR teams like to know the journalist(s) that are writing about their company. They seemingly do work hand-in-hand in some aspects.

Relationship dynamics have a way of changing with the times. While the relationship between journalism and PR will probably never full fall apart, there will be strains between the two.

Think Public Relations text book (pp. 12-13)


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