PR and College Football

Task: Write a blog post making an analogy between public relations and something you’re interested in (eg. traveling, sports, decorating, etc.)

It’s college football season and like everyone else, I’ve got the college football fever. My analogy, however, isn’t between public relations and college football itself, it’s with
the uniforms, the Nike uniforms to be exact. Nike sponsors 9 college football teams– Stanford, Oregon, LSU, UGA, Boise State, Ohio State, Michigan State, Navy and Army. When these 9 football teams run onto the field wearing their Nike uniforms they are instantly giving the Nike brand PR. Little kids want to wear Nike football attire, like cleats, because they see their favorite college football star wearing Nike. Not only does the  uniform give Nike excellent PR, it also gives the particular school awesome PR too. The first time Oregon stepped onto the field wearing their new Nike uniforms, everyone tuned in to their game to see what their new uniforms looked like. When UGA played Boise State at the Dome this year wearing the Nike uniforms, people turned the channel to the game to see their uniforms. I’m not a UGA fan and I even flipped it over to see what all the hype was about. By having these state-of-the-art uniforms with cool designs, it sheds a new light on various school’s football programs and people are more aware of the school and/or the team. Maryland isn’t a Nike football team, but when they got their new uniforms this year EVERYONE at least watched 10 minutes of their game to gawk at their uniforms which gave Maryland probably more PR than they’ve ever received. I even think they were a trending on Twitter for a little bit.

The whole word “analogy” in the task at hand totally threw me off and I too, like Piper, had to look up what “analogy” meant to make sure I was on the right track. An analogy, according to, is a similarity between like features of two things on which a comparison may be based. After reading this I was still confused but somehow I managed to make it work, hopefully.

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6 thoughts on “PR and College Football

  1. Hi Michelle, I really liked this post and could relate to it because I am also a big college football fan and watch many games. I see what you’re talking about with the whole advertisements through uniforms thing. I agree and think that whatever the players wear, whether it be their uniform, or just their everyday clothing brands, they have people (mostly little kids) who are fans and consider them either their “heroes”, mentors, or their favorite celeb and they respond to what they wear by wearing the same thing or buying certain team paraphernalia to support them. College football is a great example of PR and how it works. Well done.

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  3. I totally remember when Auburn played Oregon, Oregon’s uniforms were a trending topic on Twitter as well. Speaking of Auburn, whenever I was watching their football games on TV, they would be included in the Under Armour commercials. The Auburn football players are partially sponsored by Under Armour and wear uniforms with the logo on it as well as head and arm bands. It’s was a good strategy from Nike and Under Armour to sponsor collegiate football teams, especially during football season. Excellent PR and Advertising strategy.

  4. I really liked your analogy, Michelle. Football is a sport I am interested in and I know personally I did the same thing you did, tuning in to see the new uniforms. Since Nike is such a huge brand and these are big teams, it is a win-win situation. Both parties are able to profit from it. Seeing your role model wearing a particular brand makes you want to wear it as well. And seeing a particular team wearing a popular brand almost gives the team more credibility. This was a great move by both the teams and Nike to get their names out there and I think the benefits were very clear from this decision.

  5. I liked this blog post Michelle, and I agree with you. I’m an Oregon fan, and the fact that they have a deal with Nike to have a vast variety of uniforms is pretty neat. It’s a great selling feature for Oregon because their uniforms are always new and exciting, compared to the boring uniforms of Penn State and Alabama. Although I’m not sure Nike should mess with all uniforms because sometimes it backfires, as was the case with Georgia. Many college football fans see the Georgia uniform as a classic that’s great and doesn’t need to be messed with, and when Nike did one of their special uniforms many people were unhappy with Nike and Georgia. When they made the black jersey that was ok, and even the black helmet, but there are some uniforms that were done right the first time.

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