Traditional PR and Advertising. Hit or miss?

Task: Think about the last five movies/concerts you saw. How did you find out about them? (Posters? Word of mouth? Newspaper/Magazine advertisement? Facebook fan page? Emailed newsletter, etc.) Some individuals dismiss traditional public relations and advertising, but what’s your experience?

I love to watch movies and trying to remember what the last five movies I saw is kind of hard. Recently, I’ve only seen Bad Teacher, Bridesmaids and Zookeeper. The other movies I have seen lately have been ones I own on DVD like No Strings Attached and Easy A.

I had seen the previews for Bad Teacher and Bridesmaids on the television but completely dismissed them because the movie didn’t look that good. I ended up deciding to watch both movies because a friend of mine actually said they were decently good and so I watched them. She lied, the movies were horrible. But I had gained knowledge of the movie via word of mouth besides just the television preview. Zookeeper was basically the same scenario except my mom’s coworker said it was really funny so we watched it a few weekends ago. This time, word of mouth proved to be awesome because the movie was great and really funny. The other three movies that I own were all learned about via previews on the television.

Traditional ways of public relations and advertising like posters, word of mouth, newspaper and magazine advertisments, etc are kind of out dated, or so I feel. I learn a lot about what movies are good to watch via Twitter, which I guess in a round about way could be treated as word of mouth. On the whole, most movies I consider watching, I gain knowledge of by watching television and seeing the previews. The only magazine advertisements I even pay attention to are the make-up ones pertaining to eye liner and mascara. Traditional ways of PR and advertising just aren’t as popular anymore and sometimes don’t reach a high volume of audiences.


One thought on “Traditional PR and Advertising. Hit or miss?

  1. I think that social media is becoming more of a common way for people to learn about movies and concerts (and basically everything else about life.) I can’t think of anyone that says, “I read the movie review in the newspaper…” To be honest, I don’t think I have ever read a movie review from a newspaper. And, I don’t think ads found in magazines do any justice for a movie; it’s a picture, boring if you ask me. I would probably prefer to look at ads involving mascara…or men’s underwear.
    I’m surprised you didn’t like Bridesmaids! I laughed the entire time; good thing I didn’t recommend it you you!

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