I went a little comment crazy.

Since I have free time on Tuesdays, I decided to knock this comment “assignment” out while I can. If you recieved a comment from me, two thumbs up!

Commentary on Professor Andrews’ blog
Blog post: Is Public Relations the Issue?
Comment: I agree with most of the PRSAY blog post. In my opinion, I believe that there are times when PR professionals are responsible for “damage control” but when you start crossing legal and moral boundaries, there isn’t much a PR professional can really do. It’s basically out of their hands. This issue is too large for any PR professional’s help. I do, however, feel like the PR professionals now have to step up and work towards “fixing up” Penn State’s image a little bit. They can’t make the scandal disappear by any means but they can’t stand by and let Penn State’s image completely be run into the ground, but that’s just my opinion. It will take some time before Penn State is back where it used to be, if it makes it back to that point. I hope that Penn State can rise up from this horrible issue at hand and in the future get back on track with the help of PR professionals.

Blog Post: Movies for Public Relations Students
Comment: I’ve seen “Thank You for Smoking” and “The Social Network” and I’ve seen the preview for “Hancock”. I absolutely loved “Thank You for Smoking” but “The Social Network” didn’t keep my interest for some reason. “Hancock” isn’t the type of movie I would normally watch so I never even considered watching it. I’ve heard of “Wag the Dog” but after watching that preview, I really want to see it.

Blog Post: What would you research?
Comment: If I could research anything, it would be why people choose their major and what they want to do with that particular major. I feel like the major you choose and the job you want to do with it tells a little about who you are and your personality. A people person wouldn’t choose to be in a major that didn’t interact with others and an outdoor, hands on enthusiast wouldn’t pick a major that has a desk job. I think it would be interesting to hear the different responses and possibly even learn about majors I didn’t realize existed.

Commentary on my classmate’s blog(s)
1. Blog Post: Movies and Concerts I Have Seen Recenly by Collin Bryant
Comment: I too feel that movie previews on television are the forms of advertising that grab my attention. I like that I can see parts of the movie and then judge whether it catches my interest or not. I hate the misleading previews that practically show all the good parts in the previews, like the funny parts, and then when you watch the entire movie, you’re tapping your foot wondering when it’s going to be over. I feel like movies like the Harry Potter and Twilight series are instant thrillers because many people have read the books and know that there is ton of action and intrigue with the storyline. I don’t watch Twilight but I’m a Harry Potter nerd and those movies definitely never disappoint!

2. Blog Post: Just a Little White Lie by Emily Glass
Comment: I agree with you about what this ad is trying to portray to the public. Bachmann is trying to show not just people from Iowa but other America citizens her life and where she’s from. She’s trying to connect with the American public. Good video Em!

3. Blog Post: Social Media by Piper Densmore
Comment: I love Twitter and find it an effective way of getting news or bits of informatio out to the public. I have found out a lot of “breaking news” via Twitter that I may
not have noticed just flipped through the television. Twitter is a great way for PR professionals and organizations in general to get their ideas, news, whatever out to the people. I follow tons of news sites and other organizations, like the GOP, and it helps keep me informed.


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