Finishing up the comments for the semester.

Here are the final three comments on different classmate’s blogs. The others are listed here:

4. Blog post: Assignment 7 by Mary Beth Moore
Comment: I love blogging. I blog regularly on my own personal blog but I defintely had a hard time getting started because I felt like I never knew what exactly to talk about. With these blogging assignments, it did make “homework” a little more interesting. Keep blogging girl!

5. Blog post: Write a blog post making an analogy between Public Relations and something you’re interested in by Virginia Steighan
Comment: Awesome analogy! I never would have thought to connect PR with tennis. You outline the similarities between the two extremely well and I definitely agree with you on all points!

6. Blog post: Why everyone needs a little PR by Skyler Henry
Comment: I’m not a PR major either, I’m actually a Journalism major with just a minor in PR but even if I hadn’t of chosen a minor, I still think this class would still have been beneficial. I completely agree with you when you said “while everyone may not want to be involved directly with PR, they are exposed to PR every day.” It’s so true. I never realized all of the aspects involved with PR until I took this class.

Well, there you have it. After following the link provided in the second sentence along with these three, I have completed the comment requirements for the course.



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