Week 2

Difficult people —

I really can’t think of anything I would add to the list but I definitely plan to keep that list in mind next time I have to be in a situation with a difficult person, including co-workers, family members, sorority sisters, classmates, etc.

After reading the 12 productive ways to deal with difficult people, I realized that I sometimes actually do some of the things they mention. At times, I have empathized with them, especially if what they’re being difficult about is something I may have previously had an issue with myself. Thanks to my mom, I’ve always been told to consider my own actions. If I’ve ever called her about someone and how they act, she always has asked me how do I act around them and to consider the thought that maybe they act the way they do because of the way I act towards them.

I’ve never looked at a “difficult” person and thought to consider their strengths and weaknesses nor their goals. Trying to see the “deeper” side of someone, like their strengths, weaknesses, goals, ambitions, etc. could make someone you are not fond of, kind of seem more human. Especially if after you’ve tagged them as difficult you find them to be actually kind of interesting. This has actually happened to me before.

There was this what I had deemed annoying girl in one of my classes and everytime she spoke, I would always roll my eyes with kind of the whole “here we go again” routine. The following semester, the girl ended up being in my group for a project and so I was forced to talk to her and actually get to know her. Turns out, she was actually super  nice and we had a lot in common. This falls back on judging people too soon, but I also feel like it fits into the “difficult” person conversation because in a way, I found her to be diffcult.

Now that I’ve read the 12 ways, I can sit back and try to find ways to still work fairly well with others that I find difficult, and we all know that there’s always going to be that one person you just can’t get along with!


16 thoughts on “Week 2

  1. I will also keep in mind this list, even though some points come natural, others wouldn’t have occurred to me either. I am glad you got to know the “difficult” girl in your class and noticed how judging others without knowing more about them is not always the best way to go. This happens to all of us, but it is good to try to remember how much better it might get if we try to understand them or know them better.

  2. My mom has also told me to consider my own actions. I think that is an important thing for everyone to be taught. Usually everyone always thinks they are right but it also can be you instead of the other person. I think if everyone learned to look at themselves and consider their own actions, a lot of problems would not occur.

  3. I do the same thing. I have had people in my classes that everytime I heard them talk I would get annoyed because they always had something to say about everything. This list will help me a lot to try to look at them in a different way. They may be completely different than I think.

  4. Ragan’s list’s has definitely given me new ways to deal with difficult people. It has also helped me understand their reason of being difficult. Like you I’ve never looked at a “difficult” person and thought to consider their strengths and weaknesses nor their goals. I think it’s asking lot from one when they are actually angry and annoyed by that particular person. However, one should consider what might be the reason behind their rigidness. I think we all have been in that situation where we get annoyed by someone’s habit to the point where we consider it difficult to deal with them. But a little bit of empathy and concern can change our perspectives.

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  6. I really like the fact that you said your mom always told you to consider your own actions. I think that’s incredibly important to think about when dealing with anyone, especially difficult people. I haven’t realized how many times my actions have come off the wrong way and caused difficulties. And I totally understand deeming someone annoying and finding out that they are actually cool. I feel like everyone has done that at some point in their life, me included.

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  8. I agree with looking at your own actions! A lot of the time, you’re just as difficult to the other person as they are to you. This list has a lot of good tips and tricks that everyone in any career should keep in mind, not just for us PR guys.

  9. It is definitely hard to look past previous judgments once they are made. I think we just need to be reminded that everyone has a different process and we must try to understand their intent! Looking at my own actions is something I will have to keep in mind the next time I come across that difficult person.

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  12. I think it’s really hard to consider their strengths/weaknesses/goals. Because with difficult people, we really don’t look past the fact that they are just difficult to deal with. But they are people to, and lots of times those things are the motivating factors behind their behaviors. Great post!

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  14. I realized I did some of the things as well. I thought it was interesting that he mentioned looking at their strengths and the flip-side of those strengths. I feel like by doing this, we no longer label them as that “difficult person” but see them on a deeper more personable level, just like you mentioned. However, it seems very hard for us to actually do this.

    I have had the same experience with someone in my class before, and I felt really guilty for judging her before I really knew her. A classroom type setting such as that isn’t the best way to form perceptions of someone. By being forced to talk to her and interact with her, I was given an opportunity to actually see her differently. She was no longer that “difficult” girl. I feel like often times, people are too quick to judge, and it can only make situations worse and more difficult than they actually are.

    As you mentioned, I think the 12 ways he mentioned are excellent guidelines for students like us wanting to work in the public relations field. We will deal with people constantly, so it will be good to keep the things he mentions in mind.

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  16. I can agree with you in that it’s hard to look at a difficult person and try to understand what their motives and goals are. It’s easy to forget why certain people are the way they are when we are more focused on our goals and our motives.

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