Week 4

Favorite vacation–


I have to say that my favorite vacation was my senior trip to Cancun. We went for five days and four nights. There was maybe 10 or 12 guys and girls, all recently graduated, being taken to Mexico by three parents who volunteered to be chaperones. Up until then, I had never been on a plane, never been out of the country, and never been away from my parents for that length of time. This was like my opportunity of a lifetime basically.

While in Cancun, we snorkled, rode jet skis, shopped, ventured out on a bar hopping tour and naturally laid by the pool and the beach. Our resort was gorgeous with I think four different pools, all with swim up bars, and tons of little restaurants and even a small night club. If we didn’t want to leave the resort, we didn’t have to, everything we could have wanted was at our fingertips. The picture above is actually of the place we stayed.

I remember being so amazed that their mall had a Burger King. Tourist Cancun is a lot different than regular Cancun. It’s definitely more modernized and naturally has a ton of things for tourists to do. Riding their public bus system was an experience within itself. These people cannot drive and their zipping this big bus between tiny cars and speeding everywhere. I just knew we were going to make national headlines saying, “American students dead in bus crash,” or something.

The whole experience was definitely one that I will always remember. It was my first real chance to be “on my own” and be responsible for my own actions and for myself.

I’d like to go back but I graduated high school in 2007, so Cancun and Mexico in general was a fairly decent place to visit for vacation. Now, the same doesn’t exactly reply. I would love to revisit Cancun and kind of redo a lot of the fun activities we did but with things being so rough, I think I’ll pass until things clear up and calm down some.

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9 thoughts on “Week 4

  1. Going to Cancun now would be a much different experience. I feel as though you would have to stay on resort property and not explore the cities. I wish my parents would have let me go on a cancun trip! But instead I only went to Daytona Beach for my senior trip, which was still awesome. But I am happy you got to experience Mexico before it went to the Cartels. Hopefully it will return to what it used to be soon.

  2. I have been to Mexico twice, once to Cozumel and once to Cabo San Lucas. Of course it was beautiful and so much fun, but I would be okay if I never go back to Mexico. The language barrier presented problems at times, especially when a big group of us went out to dinner. Our bill would come back like two hundred dollars over what we spent, and the server would just act like they couldn’t understand us. I felt like I was constantly getting ripped off if I left the resort. Of course negative things like that always stand out, but yeah Cabo especially was incredibly beautiful and if you are around good company the trip is always so much fun.

  3. I have been to Mexico once, I went to Cozumel in January to celebrate my 21st birthday. The water there is so beautiful and I had the time of my life. I really liked the people there. I speak very limited Spanish but all the locals were so helpful and understanding. I do agree, I wouldn’t go back, instead I would love to discover new places.

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  5. I went to Cancun summer before I started high school with my best friend at the time. We had an absolute blast and I hope I can go back there someday! I agree, they really can’t drive and the local markets were blast. The resort we stayed at didn’t have as many amenities as yours did but I bet having all of that was really nice!

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  7. I’ve went to Cozumel for my senior high school trip and I loved it! If Cancun is anything like Cozumel I definitely want to make a trip. If I ever have enough money! You are pretty brave to hop on a bus system was so different! Did you know any Spanish when you went there?

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