If you look at my Twitter, I have over 30K tweets, so clearly I like to tweet, especially when I’m bored; I also have over 600 followers. My tweeting had dwindled down a little but having to tweet this past week for class kind of renewed my love for the social media site and the cool things that stem from it. Twitter is more than just a “tweet what you just did” kind of site like most people think it is. I mean, yeah, some people literally tweet every move they make but I’ve learned a lot of neat things about other people and other places in the country that I probably wouldn’t have learned if it weren’t for Twitter. Twitter has also helped me “meet” and connect with sorority sisters from other chapters all across the country. The site is a good way to interact with multiple people about multiple platforms. It’s interesting.

Having to tweet actual useful, interesting things was kind of cool this week. It required me to actually read more articles, instead of just skim them, and it allowed me to interact with not only the people in my class about certain topics, but my other followers as well. A large number of my other followers replied or retweeted the things I was tweeting and that was cool to see. I’m used to people commenting and retweeting my random, funny, sarcastic tweets.

Will I continue to use Twitter following this experience? Definitely. As I mentioned earlier, I tweeted regularly anyway so this experience was nothing out of the norm for me. It kind of tweaked what I was already doing, but the whole concept was nothing new. I would like to continue tweeting interesting news stories and facts that I come across, not necessarily to get a response but just to make people more aware. People tend to read articles people post without ever commenting on them.  I will also continue to follow a few of the required accounts listed for us to follow. I think some of the information they tweet could be helpful to me now and in the long run.

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5 thoughts on “Twitter

  1. I have also considered to continue follow some of the required accounts of PR professionals, I think they have some really good insight news of the industry. I really enjoyed reading your tweets this week, great work!

    Have a great summer!
    -Dhara Shah

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  3. Michelle, I definitely enjoyed your tweets this week. I have been slow to jump on the Twitter bandwagon, but after this week I will definitely be on a whole lot more! I agree that it is so interesting to be able to connect with people based on certain interest. Just by putting a # on something it opens up a whole new world. I really like that its not a post every little thing that you do kind of site! I loved reading the random and funny stuff and also the articles as well. It definitely made me sit down and read instead of skim, as well. Also, the fact that you have over 30K tweets….wow. you’re good!

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  5. I completely agree that twitter is much more than simply tweeting what you are doing, or about how bored you are. People don’t realize that it’s a great source for news updates and trending topics. Some of my friends who don’t have a twitter account can’t seem to understand that it’s much more than a page of random statuses. Sometimes I take the time to show them the various accounts that I follow in order to keep updated with the news. Sometimes it is fun just to tweet about random things going on in your life, but it’s also nice to know I have pretty much access to any type of news right here in my hand!

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