Pre-social media era (Week 1)

I’m a month and a half shy of my 24th birthday and I’m struggling to remember how things were before social media. From the time I was in middle school there was some form of social media. There was Xanga (I found my old one before, wow…) and MySpace. However, social media didn’t consume our lives like it does now. Instead of being so consumed by the internet and social media, I used to dance (a lot) or go outside and ride around on our property (I’m from the country). I watched television or movies. Honestly, I wasn’t allowed to just sit on my computer and I didn’t even get my own computer until I was in high school and wasn’t able to even have it in my room until I was almost out of high school.

socialmedia1Sadly, I depend on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter when I’m bored. If I’m waiting in a long line or something, I check social media—especially Twitter. There are pros and cons to social media and the constant use, of course, but I’ve connected with a lot of cool people (like sorority sisters from across the country) and some of them have helped me in my job search. I’ve tried to stay off social media for a day and I couldn’t do it. I had to check Twitter at least. I can’t imagine not having Twitter and Facebook even though some days I hate them.

The emergence of social media has helped me learn more about the world by following people from other parts of the country. I’ve learned how to be more responsible and to watch what I say. While some days I do feel extremely consumed by social media, I feel that social media has quite possibly “changed” my life for the better. Social media can be a great tool to connect with businesses regularly or to search for jobs. I follow multiple job sites on Twitter and they tweet out awesome jobs regularly and I just favorite them when I see them and apply later. As long as people don’t abuse the real use of social media, we’re fine.


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13 thoughts on “Pre-social media era (Week 1)

  1. I agree that although that social media has changed our lives, I feel that it has been for the better. Social media can help people stay connected with different businesses and help even secure jobs. I think that is a really important aspect of social media that is kind of looked over. Like you said, as long as people don’t abuse social media and they use it for the right reasons, then everybody should be alright.

  2. I like how you took a positive approach to the use of social media. So much of what we talk about is how we are constantly consumed by it and how it has negatively effected our social skills, but we also need to remember the positives it brings. We can connect easier than in the past. There is a world of networking opportunities through social media.
    Personally, I think we have an advantage growing up until about middle school with playing outside and walking to a friends house, as opposed to texting them. We know what it is like to have the only option being playing outside, like you got to do a lot. But, I also think that there are great advantages to social media that would be hard to come-by anyway else.
    I’m glad we got to grow-up in a generation that wasn’t born into our phones and computers. Even from the beginning with Xanga, I remember only using it as a blog. I would post what happened that day and I could check on someone else’s Xanga to see what happened that day, but that was the extent of it. It is recent that social media is used as a constant updating system.

  3. Social media has changed our lives in a good and bad way. It’s great for businesses and getting in touch with others but bad in the way that we have become so dependent on it that sometimes communicating with others is harder than we would intend. I remember good ole MySpace and Xanga it became so drama filled that people would get upset if you weren’t on your friend’s top 8 that you and that person were no longer friends anymore.

  4. It’s funny you mentioned not being allowed to have your computer in your room until later. My family was the exact same way, but now through college I use my laptop so much (ex: this online class) that I can’t imagine not having it in my room. I also agree, that when used correctly, social media is an excellent tool to be connected to a global market. I’ve had a talk with my grandmother before because she still can’t understand how people send messages over the Internet to everyone, but for our generation is seems a normal daily activity. We have the ability and are learning how to reach a global audience effectively with 140 characters. I believe that shows how much social media has effected our generation and how we understand that while the world is still large, social media has drastically minimized that feeling.

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  7. I agree! I could not go a day without social media… as sad as that is to say! I also find myself always looking at Twitter/ Facebook when standing in a line or am bored. Sometimes I click on it without even realizing I did. Although social media can get in the way by distracting you from what you are doing, it can also be very useful like you said. Many business professionals have Twitter or Facebook accounts so it is a great way to stay connected and even find a job. It helps us all stay updated on the world as well as the professional world around us!

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  9. Your days in high school sound very similar to mine. My sister and I would ride our Kawasaki mule from one end of the dirt road to the other. We also had one computer, which was used by the entire family. Social media was somewhat of an impossible concept for me during high school. However, now I am a “frequent flyer” on sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The use of these mediums in the job search has proven to be helpful for me as well.

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  11. Michelle-

    I love how you mentioned Xanga! I literally just spent 45 minutes trying to hack my account because I can’t remember the username and password, but boy would I LOVE to find what I used to write on there. I remember using it as a “diary” and writing about my every activity that day and probably about every step I took. Like you, I wan’t allowed to get my own computer until I was much older. I didn’t get my own laptop until I graduated from high school! When I was in the Bahamas over spring break, I wasn’t able to check Facebook and Twitter constantly and it drove me nuts!! I felt so disconnected from my friends and felt as if I had no idea what was happening in the world.

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