Crazy ’bout apps – Week 2

cnnI have apps like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine of course but I also have other “more useful” apps. I have multiple sports information apps like ESPN Scorecenter and ESPN College Football. I also have news outlets like the Associated Press and CNN.  I have the Google calendar app because it syncs the information I add to my Google calendars on the computer to my phone. I have the WeatherBug app because nine times out of 10 I don’t trust the weather app that came on the iPhone. I live and die by my Pandora app, especially on long road trips because I can plug my phone into my car and jam out. I have an app for my banking. I also have random apps like Pinterest, Couch to 5K, and a countdown app.  I know it sounds like I have a lot of apps but I have considerably less than some. I definitely use the first five I mentioned regularly as well as the ESPN Scorecenter and news organization apps. I use the social media apps to keep up with what’s going on and to entertain me when I’m bored—especially Snapchat. But I use the ESPN and news organization apps to stay in the know with what’s going on outside of my bubble.

Paid apps? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Honestly, if I have to pay for it I don’t buy it. I struggle to pay 99 cents for one. I even struggle to cough up a little over a dollar for a song on iTunes. I’m only a cheap skate when it comes to something I don’t use regularly. Personally, I don’t think most of the apps that cost money are really worth it. I feel that way because I’ve yet to come across an app that costs money that I just am dying to have.

snapchatI do recommend apps to some friends. When Snapchat came on the scene, someone introduced me to it, then I recommended it to my friends that I talk to regularly—same situation with Vine. Honestly, most of the apps like Instagram and Snapchat are on my phone because it was recommended to me. Rarely do I ever download an app like that unless I was told to do so. 




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12 thoughts on “Crazy ’bout apps – Week 2

  1. One of my most used apps is the ESPN Scorecenter too! I am always on it when ever I am not able to watch a game that I want to. It definitely comes in handy during the football season!

  2. Oh snapchat. I blame my sister for that one. She downloaded it for me, and she is the only one I snapchat with on a regular basis. I agree with your point of view on apps that cost money. “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

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  4. I love Snapchat and Vine! Its a little awkward to snapchat in public though! haha. I still have yet to pay for a single app. I am kind of surprised that most apps are free! But lets keep it that way please!

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  6. The fact that some of the most used apps such as Facebook, Twitter, ESPN and things are free – and they work very well – is a primary reason I believe that people hate paying for apps. If it was required to pay for apps all along, it may have been a process the public just accepted. But my wallet is very satisfied with things being free.

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  8. I forgot to mention in my blog post that I have ESPN scorecenter too! I love it when it gives me score updates on games. It is very useful when I am somewhere without a tv and cannot watch the gamer personally.

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  10. I completely agree about paid apps! I almost never purchase apps (only if I have an Itunes gift card that isn’t enough to buy a movie or cd or something), because there’s nothing I want badly enough to spend money on it. I also really like your idea of using news apps to keep up with the world, I may have to start doing that to get out of my little bubble as well.

  11. DITTO to not paying for apps. Never have, never will. I also love my Score Center app! The only time it gets annoying is while I’m watching a game, and it’s giving me updates with about a 30 second delay of the actual play. Then, I want to throw my phone and not look at it until the game is over, but otherwise, it’s very useful. I introduced some Irish guy I met in NYC to snapchat, so maybe he’ll take it back to his homeland.

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