Week 2 Comments

Sally Anderson

I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who doesn’t play games on their phone. When I first got my iPhone, I did play Angry Birds and Words with Friends but that got old QUICK. I mainly use mine for social media and the usual call or text. I have a habit of downloading apps (free ones) thinking it’d be cool to have and then not using it so I delete it, which is one big reason I don’t pay for anything. Ha

Hannah Weaver

I use the Weather Channel app for weather too for the exact same reason. I find myself some days checking both just to be sure of the temperatures, etc. I also use very few apps mainly because I only like to get apps I’m going to actually use. I used to have the LinkedIn app but it’s about as behind the curve, in my opinion, as the website itself. Great idea in theory, they are just lacking in some areas. AND I too agree about how mediocre the Facebook app has been lately. I don’t use my app as much because of how horrible it has been. I’ve had to delete and re-add it a dozen times because it got to where it would crash everytime I opened it. — LAME


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