#FML – Week 3

jello-fml-logo-hed-2013I don’t think Jell-O’s use of FML is going to be effective. Like the PR Daily article said, most of the tweets that are popping up on their website are unrelated to Jell-O and their marketing efforts. I’m guilty of using FML from time to time and I definitely never mean “fun my life.” While FML is recognizable by the public, the public already has a preconceived notion of what FML means and let’s just say old habits are hard to break. When I read the tweet in the article, I giggled, because the woman’s tweet could be read two ways—one, “Yo Jell-O “fun my life” I’m 27 weeks pregnant or two, Yo Jell-O “f my life” I’m 27 weeks pregnant. Did no one else think that? Ha. The more people continue to bring up Jell-O’s use of the FML hashtag, more people will become aware of it and maybe start using it or start questioning some people’s FML tweets.

Jell-O should probably get back to the hypothetical drawing board and reconfigure their hashtag strategy. I haven’t been able to come up with a clever hashtag for Jell-O but their creative thinkers should think of simple ways to grab their audience’s attention via Twitter. FML is simple so they do have that part down. Maybe thinking of a short one word hashtag that would correctly identify Jell-O could be effective.

My client, the Braves, haven’t used a hashtag they should have thought twice about nor have I noticed or caught on to any other brand’s use of “faulty” hashtags. However, I have seen quite a few commercials that do grab your attention because of their word usage and images, for example the Liquid-Plumbr commercial.


Photo courtesy of Ad Week


3 thoughts on “#FML – Week 3

  1. I agree when I said that I don’t feel like this hash tag would be very effective for Jello. I agree that maybe coming up with something different would be the best thing for them in this case!

  2. I completely agree that the FML hashtag is most likely not the most effective way to go for Jell-O, and that they should definitely “get back to the hypothetical drawing board” to create something else.

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