Week 4 – Comments

Hannah Weaver
“Sadly, they have the followers they have solely because they are Hershey’s. I’ve said it before but I am definitely disappointed in Hershey’s lack of social media presence. They’re like America’s chocolate company so I feel they need to live up to that and communicate with their customers and chocolate lovers. I agree that creating a social media team would be a phenomenal investments for Hershey’s.”

Sally Anderson
“I think having stranger’s point of view on products is actually better than a friend or family member solely because what they’re saying isn’t based on who you are. If my mom is telling me something, she uses words, phrases, and examples she knows I identify with to either sway me to or away from a product, etc. If John Doe from Idaho provides his insight via social media on the product, I look at it objectively and keep what was said in mind. I may have explained that really bad (haha) but I like having multiple people’s opinions on certain things over just my relatives or friends. “


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