Finishing up the comments for the semester.

Here are the final three comments on different classmate’s blogs. The others are listed here:

4. Blog post: Assignment 7 by Mary Beth Moore
Comment: I love blogging. I blog regularly on my own personal blog but I defintely had a hard time getting started because I felt like I never knew what exactly to talk about. With these blogging assignments, it did make “homework” a little more interesting. Keep blogging girl!

5. Blog post: Write a blog post making an analogy between Public Relations and something you’re interested in by Virginia Steighan
Comment: Awesome analogy! I never would have thought to connect PR with tennis. You outline the similarities between the two extremely well and I definitely agree with you on all points!

6. Blog post: Why everyone needs a little PR by Skyler Henry
Comment: I’m not a PR major either, I’m actually a Journalism major with just a minor in PR but even if I hadn’t of chosen a minor, I still think this class would still have been beneficial. I completely agree with you when you said “while everyone may not want to be involved directly with PR, they are exposed to PR every day.” It’s so true. I never realized all of the aspects involved with PR until I took this class.

Well, there you have it. After following the link provided in the second sentence along with these three, I have completed the comment requirements for the course.



Keep Calm and Blog On.

Task: What have you enjoyed, or not, about your blogging experience this semester? Do you anticipate regularly updating your blog for non-class purposes after this semester? Why or why not?

I was a blogger prior to this class. I started a personal blog on Blogger last December when I changed my major from Education to Journalism. At first, I thought I’d never have anything to say and that there is no way people would ever want to read what I did have to say. I have almost 200 followers and absolutely love blogging and the release it gives me.

Since I already enjoyed blogging, having these blog assignments didn’t bother me at all. When we were first told we had to blog, I was like how am I supposed to keep up with two blogs? But, it hasn’t been hard because I only use this blog for this class and will keep it afterwards in case I need it for another class. I don’t want my class blog and my personal blog being the same. If I never have another class that requires blogging then, in time, I may get rid of this one but for the time being, it will stay up. For the most part, the topics we had to choose from to actually write the blog post were fairly simple and sometimes taught me a little bit. I had to understand the concept(s) I was having to write about, so I had to really look into things before writing.

I’d say the class blogging experience was pretty good and not as stressful as I thought it might be.