Week 3 – Comments

Lauren Sunderland
“I just giggled. I think #jigglewithit is a super cute idea for a Jell-O hashtag. It perfectly describes Jell-O. I also like TOMS use of their #oneforone hashtag because it accurately portrays their cause!”

Chelsea Nylen
“I agree, “fun my life” doesn’t make much sense. It’s lacking somewhere. Jell-O should stick to catch phrases they’ve used before that people recognize and just tweak them some. I have always enjoyed Red Bull’s tag line because it’s something we all can and do remember. Just like our parent’s generation remember various Coke catchphrases from yesteryear, our generation will remember Red Bull’s.”


#FML – Week 3

jello-fml-logo-hed-2013I don’t think Jell-O’s use of FML is going to be effective. Like the PR Daily article said, most of the tweets that are popping up on their website are unrelated to Jell-O and their marketing efforts. I’m guilty of using FML from time to time and I definitely never mean “fun my life.” While FML is recognizable by the public, the public already has a preconceived notion of what FML means and let’s just say old habits are hard to break. When I read the tweet in the article, I giggled, because the woman’s tweet could be read two ways—one, “Yo Jell-O “fun my life” I’m 27 weeks pregnant or two, Yo Jell-O “f my life” I’m 27 weeks pregnant. Did no one else think that? Ha. The more people continue to bring up Jell-O’s use of the FML hashtag, more people will become aware of it and maybe start using it or start questioning some people’s FML tweets.

Jell-O should probably get back to the hypothetical drawing board and reconfigure their hashtag strategy. I haven’t been able to come up with a clever hashtag for Jell-O but their creative thinkers should think of simple ways to grab their audience’s attention via Twitter. FML is simple so they do have that part down. Maybe thinking of a short one word hashtag that would correctly identify Jell-O could be effective.

My client, the Braves, haven’t used a hashtag they should have thought twice about nor have I noticed or caught on to any other brand’s use of “faulty” hashtags. However, I have seen quite a few commercials that do grab your attention because of their word usage and images, for example the Liquid-Plumbr commercial.


Photo courtesy of Ad Week